A vivid green wall clock offering great visibility, cool broken glass-like geometric graphics in a gorgeous lime and green colour.

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  • Description

    The Avocado Handmade Wall Clock by PENAL features original shattered glass-like geometric prints on high-quality materials. This timepiece has a beautiful, bright lime and green geometric design, reminiscent of a spider web or fractured ice, in a bright natural wood coloured frame. This colour combination will make any home or office space brighter and more cheerful. The black hands offer great visibility against the bright-green background of the clock.

    Another feature that guarantees great visibility is the size of this big wall clock. At almost 15 inches in diameter, it won’t go unnoticed, no matter the size of the room you hang it in. The bright and vivid colours and the modern geometric design will definitely draw attention.

    Aside from the unique design, our wall clocks are accurate timepieces. The quartz mechanisms we use for our clocks are noiseless, so you won’t be bothered by the ticking sound of the second hand. The lined cardboard frame has a nail slot on the back for convenient hanging.


    Name Avocado Wall Clock
    Brand Penal Wall Clocks (DWT Line)
    Design Style Modernist, modern art, geometric, minimalist
    Size Medium, Large
    Dimensions 14.6 in. (37 cm) diameter, Depth 2.36 in. (6 cm)
    Weight 1.43 lbs. / 650 grams (Shipping Weight of the package: 2 lbs. / 907 grams)
    Color Green, Natural; (Lime-Green shattered glass-like pattern on the face, with a natural-colored frame).
    Mechanism / Type Battery operated, analog, silent, noiseless quartz movement (requires 1AA battery – not included)
    Materials Forex foam PVC face, high-quality lined cardboard frame
    Mount Back Nail Slot


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