Black and White


The Timeless Classic: Black and White Wall Clock.

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  • Description

    A black suit. A white shirt. And a thin, black tie. Classic. Styles come and go. Every era, every new generation has a statement it wants to scream from the top of its lungs. Bright, vivid colors, or shapes that turn a wild corner. But black and white is always a statement of class. A black and white wall clock. Simplicity. Not a protracted monologue. Just a few words. The right ones. Don’t. Waste. Time.

    This wall clock is our variation of the eternal style. It is similar in the simplicity and elegance, different in what it has to say. The classic design – white face in a black frame – is further simplified. There are no numbers, no hour marks. You know what time it is. It is right now. It is time to do it.

    The elegant design is perfect for every room. Whether you have already selected a vivid color combination for you interior décor, or just want to stay true to the monochromatic design of your space, the black and white wall clock is going to be the best wall decor solution. The white face of the clock with the black rim will definitely grab your attention whenever your eyes glance over it. It is a reliable analog timepiece with a noiseless quartz mechanism. Hopefully, it will also be a reminder to do whatever it is that you have to do. No waiting. No excuses. No unneeded details. Just the priorities. Keep it simple.

    All our wall clocks are delivered in a special gift-packages, with small presents included inside. The cardboard box features a briefcase-like handle, original print design with motivational messages for a lasting impression on the lucky person who receives this gift.


    Name Black & White Wall Clock
    Brand Penal Wall Clocks (DWT Line)
    Design Style Classic, retro, minimalist, simplistic, classy, stylish, perfect for every room/home decor style
    Size Medium, Large
    Dimensions 14.6 in. (37 cm) diameter, Depth 2.36 in. (6 cm)
    Weight 1.43 lbs. / 650 grams (Shipping Weight of the package: 2 lbs. / 907 grams)
    Color Black, White; (White face print in a Black frame)
    Mechanism / Type Battery operated, analog, silent, noiseless quartz movement (requires 1AA battery – not included)
    Materials Forex foam PVC face, high-quality lined cardboard frame
    Mount Back Nail Slot