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Fancy Modern Wall Clock featuring a Simple Pastel-Colored Pattern.

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    The Cozy Living Wall Clock by PENAL features original geometric prints on high-quality materials. This particular timepiece features a beautiful face with pastel-colored geometric shapes in a natural brown custom made cardboard frame. These colors will fit perfectly with most home or office spaces. These colors fit best with wooden furniture, leather or other pastel or natural-colored room décor.

    These elegant wall clocks combine great functionality and modern wall décor art designs. There is no assembly required, just put the battery in the noiseless quartz mechanism and you’re good to go.

    Our handmade wall clocks are more than just decorative timekeepers and fancy wall art. PENAL’s original series of wall clocks is called DWT. This stands for Don’t Waste Time.

    This message is simple, yet so many people keep waiting and wasting time. Buy this wall clock if you want to make someone happy, but also give them this message: Time Is Our Most Precious Resource. Don’t Waste It. Make the Most of It.

    Our wall clocks are delivered in custom-made cardboard gift-cases with handles, with original design, motivational messages and small novelty presents included in the package.


    Name Cozy Living Wall Clock
    Brand Penal Wall Clocks (DWT Line)
    Design Style Modernist, Modern Art, Geometric, Minimalist
    Size Medium, Large
    Dimensions 14.6 in. (37 cm) diameter, Depth 2.36 in. (6 cm)
    Weight 1.43 lbs. / 650 grams (Shipping Weight of the package: 2 lbs. / 907 grams)
    Color Brown, Beige, Green, Black; (Pastel Brown, Beige, Pastel Green and Black geometric shapes on the clock face print, Natural Brown frame).
    Mechanism / Type Battery operated, analog, silent, noiseless quartz movement (requires 1AA battery – not included)
    Materials Forex foam PVC face, high-quality lined cardboard frame
    Mount Back Nail Slot


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