15 inch large Bordeaux Purple Wall Clock with Unique Geometric Print Design

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    This original wall decor timepiece by PENAL features a modern geometric design in a funky Bordeaux purple, yellow and gray color combination. The custom designed lined cardboard frame is also Bordeaux purple, with a hanging hook/nail slot on the back. This cool clock will definitely draw attention and start conversations, wherever you decide to hang it.

    And this oval timepiece definitely will grab your attention. Spanning almost 15 inches in radius, it is quite large. The size, the original design and lovely colors make our wall clocks more than just timekeepers. Even without the battery – it is still a cool piece of modern wall décor.

    This analog clock features a noiseless quartz mechanism. The hands are solid black and offer great visibility against the colorful background. The face does not feature numerals or other hour marks. The whole idea behind our line of wall clocks is for you to take your time into your own hands. Stop waiting for the perfect moment, because it will never come. The only moment you have is this one. Do what you want to do. Right now. Don’t waste time.

    Your own positive future begins in this moment.
    All you have is right now. Every goal is possible from here.

    All our wall clocks are great gifts for someone close to you. Each is delivered in a special gift-package, with small presents included inside. The cardboard box features a briefcase-like handle, original print design and the entire package will make a lasting impression on the recipient.


    Name Funky Wall Clock
    Brand Penal Wall Clocks (DWT Line)
    Design Style Modernist, Modern Art, Geometric, Minimalist
    Size Medium, Large
    Dimensions 14.6 in. (37 cm) diameter, Depth 2.36 in. (6 cm)
    Weight 1.43 lbs. / 650 grams (Shipping Weight of the package: 2 lbs. / 907 grams)
    Color Bordeaux Purple, Yellow, Gray; (Bordeaux Purple, Yellow and Gray geometric face print, Bordeaux Purple frame).
    Mechanism / Type Battery operated, analog, silent, noiseless quartz movement (requires 1AA battery – not included)
    Materials Forex foam PVC clock face, high-quality lined cardboard frame
    Mount Back Nail Slot


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