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The Penal brand wall clocks

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They tell you it’s the recipe for a happy life. Finish school. Go to college. Study well and graduate. Get a job. Get married. Move into your own place. Make a couple of kids. We completed all the steps from the list, but nothing happened. We just kept waiting for this promised future to come.

The eye opener

This is when we realized that we cannot enjoy our lives as long as we live in this non-existent future. We wanted to have more time for ourselves and our family. That is when we decided to make our first wall clock as a reminder to stop wasting time. Our friends liked this idea of freedom, so we made another clock for them, and then made some more when others asked where they could buy a clock like that. Making them became such great fun, we decided to make wall clocks our business. Soon after that we started our own brand and called it “PENAL”. Up here, in our home town of Sombor in Serbia, we often use this sports-related word – “ПЕНАЛ” – as a slang word to describe something cool. It is an expression of instantaneous approval and joy, like “AWESOME”. We named our first line of wall clock designs DWT, which is short for “Don’t Waste Time”. A simple, yet profound message. They say that time is the only non-renewable resource, yet it is the one we keep wasting the most. DWT line of timepieces is a combination of our desire to stop wasting time and our love for simplistic design. The result – original round clocks with cool minimalist prints and eye-catching colors.

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