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Don’t Waste Time Wall Clocks

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Veljko: The message is quite simple. Yet we discovered that so many of our friends were caught
up in the same rat race as we were. We were so happy with that first wall clock, we decided to
make some more for our friends. We wanted to spread the message. Time is our most valuable,
non-renewable resource. It is also the resource we waste the most. We realized:
You cannot give someone more time. But you can give them a reminder

that they should stop wasting the time that they have.
Katarina: Making these wall clocks was so much fun, we decided to try and make that our
business. The pieces of the puzzle started falling into place. Slowly.
Veljko: I had an idea what I wanted my clocks to look like, but I didn’t know how to put that on
the clock faces. I decided to draw what I had in my mind myself. We couldn’t afford to buy the
full version of the design software, so we downloaded a 15-day-trial version. I am not computer
savvy, and it took me almost a week to find my way around the professional software. That left
me with just a week to transfer my ideas into something printable. Normally, I would have given
up in face of such adversity, but in this case, I kept pushing on. Just as my software was warning
me for the last time that my trial version was about to expire, I finished the tenth and final
original print design I had in mind. This was just one of the many obstacles that were soon to
follow. However, the experience taught me a valuable lesson: I found out that in life, there are
no problems, just opportunities for growth.
Katarina: If there were any doubts in our minds about our decision to break free from the
clutches of the rat race, those doubts vanished the moment we first saw our original designs
printed on the clock faces. That was the point of no return for us. When Veljko assembled the
first wall clock, with his hands trembling from excitement, our two kids curiously watching their
dad fumbling about the mechanism – that was the moment I knew: No more time wasting. Be
happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

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