DWT - Unique Line of Handmade Wall Clocks

DWT Wall Clocks

We offer a great variety of original creative designs in styles ranging from classic and retro to contemporary, minimalist and geometric. There is a number of different decorative ideas in a wide range of colors for you to choose from.

Treat yourself to the clock that best fits your home or office style, or buy one of them as a one-of-a-kind gift to someone dear to you.

Browse through the unique graphic art of our wide selection of DWT wall clocks offered below and choose your favorite model.

Wall Clock as a Gift

DWT Round Wall Clocks by PENAL brand feature original prints on high-quality Forex foam PVC sheets. Our handmade wall clocks feature beautiful faces ranging from those featuring classic, modernist and art-deco clock art to minimalist designs and geometric patterns. They are housed in custom designed, high quality lined cardboard frames with convenient hooking/nail slots in the back, for easy hanging on your wall.

Our line of contemporary wall clocks combine great functionality and modern wall décor designs. There is no assembly required - just put the battery in and your new timepiece is ready to adorn your wall.

DWT clocks are completely noiseless. You can hang them in your bedroom or your children's room - they will not bug you with the ticking sound of the second hand. The quartz movement is completely silent.

Don't Waste Time

"Time Is Our Most Valuable, Nonrenewable Resource.
It Is Also The Resource We Waste The Most."

PENAL's own original line of wall clocks is called DWT - which is short for Don't Waste Time. When we decided to take our lives into our own hands, we made our first timepiece as a reminder to stop wasting time. We grew tired of waiting for the perfect moment to arrive. So we decided to make our first line of clocks without numerals, or any other marks. Every moment is precious.

"Your Own Positive Future Begins In This Moment.
All You Have Is Right Now. Every Goal Is Possible From Here"

Don't Waste Time. This message is simple, yet so many people keep waiting and wasting time. When people look at our clocks, we want them to enjoy the original art, but we also want them to remember: all we have is right now and every goal is possible from here.