Bonbon Wall Clock


50's Retro Style Wall Clock: A Vintage Looking Pink and Green Wall Candy

This particular wall clock is one of our precious darlings. The cotton candy color, the cute design – it was so cute we couldn't help but name it – the Bonbon. It is a retro wall clock, featuring our original geometric design. It looks like it was taken from a wall of one of those lovely candy shops or family diners from the 1950's. This retro color palette is best suited for rooms which feature other pastel-colored home decor, furniture or walls, children's rooms. It is also a great piece of wall art for standard white walls which could use some color to liven up the atmosphere.

The Bonbon is quite a big wall clock. It spans almost 15 inches in radius. The retro design and the size are a guarantee that this cute timepiece will definitely be noticed from quite afar. The clock face features a lovely cotton-candy pink and green pattern and a triangular dark blue V-shape in the center. The best part of this retro design is that it is timeless. It reminds of the past, but it can also be considered modern. The hands are black, with completely silent movement. The clock has a completely noiseless quartz mechanism, so you won't be troubled by the ticking sounds of the second hand.

The Bonbon is not only great for a wide variety of home or office spaces (not to mention retro-themed diners or candy shops). This beautiful clock is also a great gift for someone close to you. It comes in a special gift-package, with novelty presents included inside. The cardboard briefcase-like box features a handle, original print design and will make a lasting impression on the lucky recipient.

Most importantly, we hope that it will not only be a valuable timepiece and an article of wall décor, but also a reminder to the owners. A reminder that you only live once, and that you should make the most out of your time. That is why we branded our line of wall clocks DWT – DON'T WASTE TIME.


Name Bonbon Wall Clock
Brand Penal Wall Clocks (DWT Line)
Design Style Retro, 1950's, Geometric, Minimalist
Size Medium, Large
Dimensions 14.6 in. (37 cm) diameter, Depth 2.36 in. (6 cm)
Weight 1.43 lbs. / 650 grams (Shipping Weight of the package: 2 lbs. / 907 grams)
Color Pink, Green, Blue, Black; (Black V-shape on a Pinkish-Peach and Green background on the clock face print, Black frame).
Mechanism / Type Battery operated, analog, silent, noiseless quartz movement (requires 1AA battery - not included)
Materials Forex foam PVC face, high-quality lined cardboard frame
Mount Back Nail Slot

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